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The biggest hurt (39%) was ‘missing family and friends’. Adults missed family the most and young people their friends – in fact 1% of adults mentioned only missing friends compared to 15% of young people. Boys and girls missed their friends equally, but girls were affected significantly more than boys by missing family.
         Death of a loved one was the biggest hurt for 14% of adults and 7% of young people. A further 9% of adults and 5% of young people mentioned sickness and suffering as being their biggest hurt. Death was mentioned more by girls and suffering more by boys. Relationship concerns were the biggest hurt for 7% of adults and 5% of young people with another 4% and 5% respectively citing anxiety and mental health issues.
    Relationship concerns were more than twice as likely to hurt girls as boys, whereas anxiety and mental health were equally issues for boys and girls.

   Adam Skirton, Pastor of Poulner Baptist Chapel, commented, “I read all the answers people gave and confess to crying as I read some of the hurts. It’s been so painful for people to lose loved ones, suffer sickness, loneliness, broken relationships and experience the anxiety Covid has caused. But it is also heart-warming to hear of the ways we as a community have helped each other.”


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